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My life - Losing weight, lots of exercising, trying to eat healthy, and to be happy. Other facts: 30yrs old, married, building a house. SW:227lbs (21.3.14), CW:219lbs (24.7.14), GW:190lbs (8.9.14), UGW:132lbs (20.6.15)


* cycling to work and home, total 20km, 1 hour

* spending evening at the house, building Ikea wardrobe, 3hours

— 22 hours ago

My posts have been pretty blunt lately, so here are some photos.
I’ve been putting together big wardrobes. And that work still continuous.
There you can see the house at the moment. It will be white in few days. Guys are just painting it white. So that’s the house we are building with my husband. Here where I live (in Finland), it is like the basic dream of everyone to build and live own house with yard. Ours is almost finished. We should be moving in 3 weeks.
Last photo is about my new screwdriver. It has magnet on the tip of it so it’s easier to build the wardrobes.
So that’s my life at the moment!

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Day 7&8: more Ikea… It seems that it won’t end anytime soon.

— 1 day ago

Day 5&6:
- building Ikea wardrobes at +40C (about 100F) in new house. Several hours…

We can’t even open any doors or windows at the moment because the construction guys are doing some outdoors work to the house and they have sealed all the doors and windows.

— 4 days ago


*20min carrying heavy stuff in the new house’s construction site

*40min walk

Full VLCD day diet-wise.

— 6 days ago
31 things to do before 31st birthday

I know I might be a bit late with my bucket list because my birthday is in less than 2 months. Nevertheless I made a list of things I want to accomplish during the next 1,5 month. The list is not just one time things, but most of the points are something for me to consider daily or weekly. So I’m able to evaluate my success with my list on my birthday.

So here is the bucket list:

  1. Minimum of 30 minutes exercising daily
  2. Go to gym at least twice a week
  3. Go walking to forest once a week
  4. Go hiking to Nuuksio the national forest
  5. Remember to stretch weekly
  6. Cycle to office
  7. Remember to drink loads of water
  8. Eat loads of veggies when not in VLCD
  9. Eat consciously in parties and other events
  10. Avoid white sugar, white flour, and cow milk products and foods
  11. Stay in VLCD diet
  12. Visit Ateneum art museum (with a friend)
  13. Make new friend(s) online
  14. Re-connect with an old friend (or few)
  15. Comment more actively other people’s posts in social media
  16. Focus on sleeping enough
  17. Lose 10 to 14 kg - progressing
  18. Do not use credit card for buying
  19. Practice meditation/mindfullness weekly
  20. Watch few old pixar movies
  21. Wear light make-up at work sometimes
  22. Complete successfully the DietBet challenge
  23. Finish knitting the woollen socks
  24. Crochet 45 grandma squares
  25. Read 7 books (1 per week)
  26. Practive French skills
  27. Participate actively to Coursera’s courses
  28. Move to the new house
  29. Sleep first night in the new house
  30. Cook the first time in the new house
  31. Pack stuff from old home for the move
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I counted that there is 48 days left before my birthday.
I’ll definitely make the all better than previous. So when my exercise count is on day 50 then is my birthday. That’s definitely challenge to keep.

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-30min cycling, 10k
-15min cycling, 5k
-30min gym
-25min cycling, 9k
TOTAL: 1 hour 40 minutes

Then I was being spontaneous yesterday and I joined new DietBet game that started yesterday. So my weightloss is on full speed currently!
I started today with VLCD shakes, and I’m planning to have a few day kickstart with those before I move to salads and other normal low-cal food.

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Day 2
-30 min cycling, 10k
-30 min cycling, 10k
TOTAL: 1h of cycling, distance 20k

Then I’ve been cleaning the apartment. It’s super warm here. Tonight it is impossible task to get the apartment cool, because night will be warm too. And because we live in the first floor, we can’t keep balcony door open… I’m too neurotic to be able to sleep with balcony door open when there is tiny tiny possibility that some stranger can climb in the apartment and steal stuff.

— 1 week ago
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Day1 of exercising: 2 times 30min cycling (á 10k).

So I decided to start today to count my days of exercising. My first goal is to exercise at least 30 minutes every day during the next week. Everything counts!

— 1 week ago
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